FACTOTUM  Distributor Agreement


Designer: Koji Udo

Concept:Merging a fusion of mode and real clothes, FACTOTUM expands their wardrobe based on tailored, work and military every season with a deep understanding of denim. Every season, when deciding the theme of the collection, they would visit places that they are interested in, related to their works. This is the style of FACTOTUM clothing making, with their own experiences, they reflect their creations.
Designer Mr. Kohji Okuto joined BEAMS after graduating from Tokyo Mode Gakuen and studied abroad in London. After returning to Japan, he was involved in launching lounge lizard in Harajuku, Tokyo, independent in 2004 and started FACTOTUM. In 2006, he made his debut at the Tokyo collection, in late 2010 he started the ladies line 'FACTOTUM FEMME', and in 2012 he announced his first overseas collection in Singapore.
Starting from the 2015-16 season, they launched a new line based on traded items, "VALLIS by FACTOTUM", announcing works with a multifaceted approach.
In addition, since 2018 Spring / Summer season, Mr. Yasutoshi Ezumi took over as the new creative director of Costume National, expanding opportunities for overseas and not just in Japan.