FASCINATE | The R | cloishi - Important notice regarding Integration

From everyone here at FASCINATE Online (https://www.fascinate.jp) and cloishi (https://www.cloishi.com) operated by FASCINATE Co. Ltd and The R Online (https://www.realisent.jp) operated by Y.R.H Co., Ltd, thank you for always supporting us.


As of 20th of April 2017, FASCINATE Online (https://www.fascinate.jp) operated by FASCINATE Co., Ltd, will be renamed to FAS-GROUP.

Along with this change, FASCINATE Online (https://www.fascinate.jp), cloishi (https://www.cloishi.com) and The R Online (https://www.realisent.jp) operated by Y.R.H will all be joint and integrated into FAS-GROUP (https://www.fascinate.jp). With this change, you will be able to enjoy shopping from more than 1 online store.

Please read the following information as there will be some changes with the respective services provided as the result of the integration.


1. Summary of Member Account Integration


FASCINATE ONLINE [https://www.fascinate.jp], The R Online [https://www.realisent.jp], cloishi [https://www.cloishi.com]

As of the 20th of April 2017, the integration of the 3 websites has been carried out. With just one ID account, you will be able to access all the 3 sites with just 1 log in account. Convenience will be greatly improved as the points you have accumulated so far can also be used with any of these sites. There will also be no need to change your membership registration information.



2. Changes and Notes


■ About Membership Information


1. You can now use the same account for all sites.

2. Points accumulated in all the sites can be used in any site as 1 point = 1 Japanese Yen.

3. Customers who have signed up with accounts with 2 or more same e-mail addresses on different sites before this integration will be bundled together into 1 account. In addition, we will consolidate all your points into 1 account.

4. Even if you create an account on any of the site, you will still be able to access and log in into any of the other sites as they will be shared.

5. If you decide to unsubscribe and cancel your account or membership from any site, your account will then be withdrawn from all 3 sites.



■ Changes in Terms of Service


As of 20th July 2017, all 3 sites will be available with the same ID. The terms of use and service will also change. When you first log into your account on the 20th of July, please check the new terms before shopping.


[ Additional Contents ]
Personal Information, Article 8 (Handling of Personal Information)
6. All member registration information from 3 sites, FAS-GROUP [https://www.fascinate.jp], The R Online [https://www.realisent.jp], cloishi [https://www.cloishi.com] will be used together.



■ Points to take note


In regards to the joining all the accounts, we integrated the member registration information based on the e-mail addresses registered for the 3 sites. For multiple registered accounts, we will take the information data from this order, the 1st being highest priority: 1st FASCINATE, 2nd. The R 3rd. cloishi. For example, if you have an account previously with both FASCINATE and The R, we will take your information data you have input from FASCINATE's system. If you had an account in both The R and cloishi, we will take your information data you have input from The R's system.



3. FAQ - Regarding the integration

As our site’s users, you might be wondering "What are the changes?", therefore we have prepared and answered a set of Frequently Asked Questions below so please check it out.


Q1. Will the sites, FASCINATE, cloishi and The R be gone for good?


Regarding the sites, cloishi (https://www.cloishi.com) and The R Online (https://www.realisent.jp), they will still be available and you can still use them as per normal.
As for FASCINATE Online (https://www.fascinate.jp), the name will be changed to FAS-GROUP (https://www.fascinate.jp).





Q2. What is going to happen to both the FASCINATE and The R stores?


Both the FASCINATE and The R stores will operate as usual with the usual staff. However, since FASCINATE’s store management business will be outsourced to Y.R.H Co., Ltd which operates The R, credit card statements etc., will be changed to Y.R.H Co., Ltd. There will be almost zero changes for the user. In the near future, we are also planning to consolidate the points we are currently offering at the stores.





Q3. Is it possible to purchase different items from various brands provided by the respective shops?


Yes, as all items from all shops can be purcahsed from the FAS-GROUP (https://www.fascinate.jp) site. However please take note that this cannot be done on the other sites, The R and cloishi. For these 2 sites, you will only be able to purchase items from brands from the respective sites.





Q4. Is it possible to have all my items from the different sites all be bundled and shipped out to me at the same time?


Yes, it is possible, however please note that if you ordered an item that is only available in the The R Nara branch, it will take a little longer as we need to send the item from Nara to Osaka first. Once we have received it, we will then bundle all the items and ship your package from our headquarters in Osaka.





Q5. How will I be able to return or exchange purchased items from different stores?


We do not accept any refund or exchange for overseas customers.





Q6. What’s going to happen to my points?


Regarding points, you will be able to use them as per normal, i.e, 1 point = 1 Japanese Yen. You will also be able to use the points you have acquired so far on all 3 sites. As for the point return rate, we will be have campaigns and promotions for each site so please do check them out.





Q7. What about the handling of my personal information?


All handling of personal information will be managed by FASCINATE Co. Ltd and will be handled accordingly to the FASCINATE Privacy Policy.





Contact us about your protecting your personal information. 


Phone number: 06-6534-6110 | E-Mail: info[at]fascinate.jp



4. Contact Information



If you have any other questions regarding this integration or anything else, please contact us via the following:


Phone number : 06-6534-6110

E-Mail: info[at]fascinate.jp