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underwear-Charcoal × Black-M
Color: Charcoal × Black
Size: M / out of stock
Size: L / out of stock
Color: Khaki
Size: M / out of stock
Size: L / 1 left
Color: Black
Size: M / out of stock
Size: L / out of stock
Size (cm)
SIZE (cm)
Size Waist Rise Inseam ThighHem
サイズ ウエスト 股上 股下 ワタリ
M 63 -
L 69 -
Cotton 95%Polyurethane 5%
Collection 18-19AW
handling-store Kyoto Fujidaimaru
内衬 没衬里
弹性 Good stretch


wjk 2018-19 Autumn Winter Collection.

The fabric used is polyurethane raw silk (bare thread) and was inserted in a plain stitch.

The plain stitch has less tension and usually produces elasticity not only in the horizontal direction but also in the vertical direction by inserting the bare thread.

Plain stitch is a material that has been loved as a tight T-shirt and inner material due to its elasticity, lightness and the fit of the fabric.

This material is a combination of 40 / - cotton yarn and bare yarn, in addition to the natural texture of cotton, it is a piece that fits well with the stretch characteristics that are peculiar to bare cotton.

Overall a comfortable, no stress piece that was made in Japan



Made in Japan

Mr. Atsushi Hashimoto worked at Carpe Diem as a select shop buyer and started a showroom "wjk" in Ebisu Shibuya-ku in 2004.

The idea of the meaning of the brand combines three letters of alphabet "w" "j" "k" is not bound to design or have a biased image. Based on the fact that it has a wide variety of design ideas, they are based on the fact and concept that "good things do not change" as well as "things left is genuine".

Expressing basic items loved by generations without being swept away by times and trends, they produce high-quality pieces in tight silhouettes. Many core fans sympathize with the stoic attitude that continues to convey with the charm of wjk pieces.



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