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“Wrapping money” theme, used as the main idea for the design.
Graceful movements. Beautiful and natural movements.This is where you discover the beauty of the Japanese mind.
It is not only good on a visual and practical point of view, but it also questions your mind.

A mind caring about your partner. The manners and gestures also start from there. In order to feel the beauty of modest days.
Caring feelings towards your partner everyday, and an obsession towards beauty.

This kind meticulous care and fabrication is very rare in the world for this vegetable tanning Japan Leather.
The leather is not sewed and yet its glossiness and quality texture are used at their maximum.
The tanning took 5 as more time as it usually requires to make this superb item.

The design takes for motif the silk wrapping cloth used for the presents given during weddings in Japan.