Orthopaedic Decollete Shoes Double Sole Horse Full Grain - PL0SZ

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Orthopaedic Decollete Shoes Double Sole Horse Full Grain - PL0SZ-Black-41
Color: Black
Size: 41 / out of stock
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Size (cm)
SIZE (cm)
Size Outsole Width Height Heel Height
サイズ アウトソール ワイズ 高さ ヒール高
41 29.5 9 13 4.5
42 30 9.5 13 4.5
43 30.5 10 13 4.5
Horse Leather 
Additional Info
Collection BASIC
handling-store FASCINATE, The R Osaka
Lining With lining
Elasticity No elasticity

Guidi 2018SS Collection.

By rearing the leather sole not only on the outsole part but also on the insole part of the toe, the back is a double, while the front is a look of a single sole, but the height of the double sole is taken both before and after while it is outsole than the conventional model Inner lace up boots type of PL product number featuring the balance with the volume. Because there is a volume in the outsole It is a pair that you can wear balanced well in the usual size even for those with small feet.

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Made in Italy

In 1896 in「CONCERIA GUIDI E ROSELLINI」was established by Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini, and Gino Ulivo in Pescia, Tuscany, where leather tanning can be traced back to the Middle Ages. 
Now the Guidi tannery is run by Ruggero Guidi who rejects mass production logic and focuses on his own research. He is always looking for a balance between advanced technologies while keeping respect for tradition and skill. He has become the leather tanner that designers around the world look to for high quality results. In CONCERIA GUIDI E ROSELLINI’s factory brand「Guidi」, from finishing the raw materials to dying the shoes through the tumbling process, Guidi makes items to show the maximum quality of the materials used. In terms of leather factory brands this collection is a must see.

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