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About the Point System

☆Receive 1000 points by registering!!

How to Accumulate Points
ServicePoints receivedWhen credited?
Account Registration 1000 Points After placing your first order with us
Points for Order 3% of the cost of merchandise of the order
Points accumulated will depend on the item(s) purchased1

1 points is worth 1JPY. Save up your points or use them freely

Receive 3% back as points when shopping online!!
For example, if you purchase an item that is worth 50000JPY, you will receive 1500JPY as points.

(50000円×3%1500 Points

The point rate is subject to change

Points can only be used when shopping online.
Please note that points can be used but will not be received when purchasing items that are on sale, using online credit card payments, cash on delivery (credit payment).

The order confirmation has the number of points you will be credited with listed, but the points will be added only after the shipment confirmation is sent.

※ When accumulating points, the amount received is rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, 10.6pts will be 10points received.

※ Points expire in 12 months, so please use them when you can.

※ If your points are applied to an order, the points you will receive is 3% of the total costs after the point addiction.

※ For reservations or pre-order items, points will be credited after the items are shipped out.

※ You will receive 1000 points for registering an account with us., only once, Please do not register numerous times.。