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※ The R, Terms for the pre-order products. ※

The pre-order items on this page can be reserved, but we would take 30% of the price of the item as a pre-order deposit.
1. We take 30% of the price of the item as a pre-order deposit.(When you put the item in your cart, it will show a 70% off price. You have to pay 30% as a deposit for the pre-order, and the 70% will have to be paid later at the reception of the item.)
2. Please pay using one of these methods: Credit Card/ Bank transfer/ PayPal.(In the case of pre-order you cannot make cash on delivery payment type).
3. For our customers who would like to pay all at once, please contact us by e-mail.
Also, please understand that once you reserve an item it is not possible to cancel the pre-order.

Depending on the time we receive the items we will send you a special link in order to make the rest of the payment. So please when you receive it use the URL in the email to proceed to the payment.(You can choose the cash on delivery payment type for the payment of the rest of the price)
For customers who made a payment at once for the full price of the item, we will send it as soon as we receive the item.

※Since it is a pre-order we cannot have the precise size specs of the items. Thank you for your understanding.
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