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Thank you for always using our shop.

Today we would like to inform you about The R Online.

From 2017 April 20th we will be tied up to the Osaka select shop FASCINATE
「The R Online[]」will be transfered to FASCINATE.
The website, operated by FASCINATE will have FASCINATE []| cloishi [] and
The R Online[].

You will have a more important of brands available,
so it will be easier to look for our products and others on this new website.
Our online website will still be available after this.

The service we offer you will be even better from now on,
so please look forward to discovering the new website.

■ The customers information will be taken from

The R Online to FASCINATE.
There will be no change compared to The R Online for your ID and password,
but the services offered and points system will change.

*In our shop, a purchase made using cash provides you 3% in points,
but it will become 1% from now.

■ The customers information will be passed on to the new website (even ID and password)

So you will be able to use FASCINATE  | cloishi .
After the change, it will be possible to use your points for The R online |  FASCINATE online | Cloishi online.

All information will be used for the 3, so it will be easier for you!

■ About The R Shop

It will still be the usual staff working in the shop so this will not change.
For inquiries too it will be as it was until now too, made by Kiba, Momotani and Kuwata.

Nothing will change for this and there will be no need for new information or anything else from you.

■ Website closed during the maintenance

In order to make these changes, the website will be closed for maintenance on:

2017 April 20th ~ April 21st
(It could be 20th depending on the time it takes.)

*Depending on the system changes, the time of opening could change, so please be aware of this.

We will inform you again after this, so please check the blog again, and thank you for always using our shop!